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Dental Education 101

Hello Everyone,

For so many years I have been thinking about starting a blog and I am so excited that it is finally happening. The reason why I wanted to start this blog is to create awareness about dental treatment. I've been practicing dentistry for little over 19 years. It has been a wonderful journey! Throughout my career, I've always taken the time to educate my patients about the disease process and what we can do to prevent further progression.

Malalignment of teeth in the absence of Orthodontic Retainers

For example, if I could show a teenager who is almost finished with his/her braces, the result of not wearing their retainers they can make better decisions.

Patient in Fig. 1 appears to have crowded teeth due to lack of orthodontic retention. These malaligned teeth eventually developed gingivitis due to constant food retention.

Well Aligned teeth will make oral hygiene easier.

Well aligned teeth will need less dental work.

Patient in Fig.2 is the same patient as in Fig.1, who had second round of orthodontic treatment (Invisalign) and was very fortunate to get these teeth realigned. The oral hygiene has improved because the patient is well aware of the consequences.

This second round of orthodontic treatment could have been avoided if the patient was educated about these issues. The purpose of this blog is to inspire you to take better care of your teeth. Prevention, Prevention, and Prevention. Prevention is the KEY to seeing less of me.

Thank you for paying attention and I hope that you'll support me in this venture by following us on social media.

Dr. Pandya


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